About me

As an environmental science graduate with 10 years working as a water engineer I have some understanding of the principles used in the my Pallet wood Hydro-driver design. Through this website I have come up with low-tech solutions that upcycle skipped ‘construction site’ waste materials (mainly pallets & heras panels) with the aim to improve productivity on your plot.

Also this construction phase can take place during the warming early months of the growing season (mid-Feb to late-March) when the soil has softened and not much growing is going on. This can also help people to improve their DIY skills as all my designs are kept simple using KISS, ‘Keep It stupid simple’. Always using basic tools, fastest construction time and low cost.

The main aim of this website is to promote Goddess Vegetable Growing beds; my Pallet wood Hydro-driver concept and the usefulness of Wood chip socks as well as the Alan Titchmarsh ‘Semi-raised deep-bed’ approach but dug using a sharpened spade in a laid over, thin slithers, chevron herringbone pattern. All to aid planting success and hopefully avoiding early disenchantment, which is a given in heavy London clay type soils.

But also to encourage allotments to people that feel it is too much hard work, it doesn’t have to be if your use a little bit of the old grey matter.


Allotmenteering: (urban dictionary definition)

Keeping fit by working on an allotment

Digging; planting,weeding and watering all in the outdoors is a free workout called allotmenteering