Applied, Open Book planting beds

UPDATE 2017 Growing season: There has been big changes across the plot over the last 3 months (Jan to April)  Some of these design are now redundent. Will update this page in the next few weeks with current designs on the plot. This whole page will completely change.

The big successes of last season was the U-Bend shaped bed application of the “Open Book planting bed”. Even though the orientation was not optimal, East-to-West not North-to-South. Also the combination of the Wood chip socks as a border soil retaining /moisture buffer was the missing element from the design.

INFINITY Open Book plantng bed…

SUNKEN Open Book planting bed…This will be used for growing tomatoes.

PILL shaped Open Book planting bed or Paired bed using single pallet divider.

Initial dig & planing in January

tablet_shape_single divider_002c

Growth by early June


U-BEND Open Book planting bed



Another U-BEND Open book planting bed but this time with bean frame attached.

Some more ideas for 2016