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g.easel multifunction design for 2018

The g.easel or geasel (gardeners easel) design for the 2018 growing season Its a multi function design that can be used for x4 applications across your plot. #1 Squash Ladder for hooking onto compost filled dalek / compost bins. #2 Wind break for west side of plots or planting beds #3 Bean Frame or Bean […]

goddess vegetable growing bed inspiration

Goddess Vegetable Growing bed explained

This Vegetable Growing planting bed design (growing system) is a combination of the best bits from current horticultural ideas such as wicking beds, mycorrhizal fungi symbiosis, ‘semi-raised deep beds’ (A. Titchmarsh) all within a long and thin U-Bend shaped paired planting bed. The whole bed is then sun orientated along a North-to-South axis (as per commercial green houses). However, new […]

Metal Washer dongle design

What can we do with an “old metal washer” that you find in the street ? Using a 15″ inch piece of shock chord string and an old metal washer, were going to #make a ‘Rapid bean attachment point‘. Your going to learn 2 knots today, a “Cow hitch” and then a “Surgeon’s knot“, don’t say […]


A handy tool to share and improve your growing knowledge when starting out. You might also make some friends, meet new people.  

Pallet divider mk2


The ideas this website is trying to promote are the Pallet wood Hydro-driver and Wood chip sock and how they are combined into a U-bend shaped and Sun oriented Goddess Vegetable Growing bed (growing system).  For growing finicky; heavily bred, modern woody cultivars in challenging heavy soils (clay). All with the intention of helping the novice, the less physically able or the time pressured […]


Found a skip full of these bad boys. They come in a 16″ or a 22″ size. Last year I had a lot of success with growing climbing plants (eg beans) in a ring of 8 plants surrounded by a 16″ a cut down bottomless pot (large seedling collar). The pot acted as a mechanical […]