Block Paving Carrier

Block Paving movable brick carrier for rapid deployment of a 1.1m section of allotment or garden path that are easily movable by persons of all abilities.

This is one half of a demonstration prototype model using currently available recycled plastic timber (25mm)

The overall length of the carrier is 1.1m with a nylon rope handle at either end.

The waste Block Paving carrier hold x8 bricks, x4 on either side of a dividing 4″x 2″ wooden blocks.


+ Your allotment / garden path is raised suspended off the ground by the recycled plastic sides which will not rot.

+ They can be quickly and easily moved on resetting beds at the start of the year due to planting bed rotation.

+ The path is always dry as water flows into void, never pooling.

+ Soil can be heaped against the carrier to create quickly one side of a raised / mounded bed.