GODDESS Planting Bed explained

Goddess planting bed design.

Unlike domestic Gardening where you are restricted by plant positioning by garden layout, tradition and asthetics.

“An allotment plot is a blank canvass”

As an allotment grower, ALL we are interested in is “What is the best planting bed design and orientation for optimal growth, low maintenance”?

In the “Zen of Python” programming, these are a concise set of guiding principles for the computer language. The statement “There should be one, and preferably only one, obvious way to do it. Although not obvious at first, unless you are Dutch”.

The reason I feel this applies to my “Goddess planting bed” design is that at first its seems overly complicated but once explained then seems obvious. Even though it does take a little more work to set up the benefits are worth the effort and it becomes the natural way of doing it.

So what are the basics of a “Goddess planting bed” in a nutshell…

Its a long and narrow (5′ x 15′ feet) sunken bed, with a rounded end that is laid out pointing towards the sun at its southern most position. The outline / shape of the bed is created using a wood chip sock which allows us to mound the soil. Two of my pallet wood dividers are then positioned along the spine of the bed at the northern end. dghfdghIt basically creates a planting bed with x3 areas of differing moisture zones. A crown plant head end, a cooler morning sun side and a dryer afternoon sun side. 

The layout of the planting bed look basically like the wall relief sculpture of a sun goddess from Prague and is the reason for the naming of this planting bed design. << Click on picture below to expand >>


This type of bed is specifically for allotment plots.

 On my plot I have three of these beds laid out like a religious three panel triptych like the illustration below. Inbetween the panels I have my temporary 8-block paving carriers as paths.


Technical information.

Again this is the U-Bend shaped planting bed with with the centrally positioned divider and bed bordered by wood chip socks to complete the “Goddess planting bed”.


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