Pallet wood divider, construction guide

Starting with a basic pallet

There are a few different types of pallet design and we require a specific type that is generally used to transport bricks. It is called a Standard 2-way entry pallet. It is different from the majority of pallets in that it has 4 or 3 strong struts that the pallets slats are nailed too (see image below). You will also notice the 3 basic tools required to build our half pallet stone stack; Wood saw, claw hammer and crow bar. I am also using a nearly designed tool called a “Roughneck Demolition and Lifting bar” that makes levering up the slats easily and without damage.

The pallet wood divider is sunken centrally in the spine of the planting bed to the depth of the first slat (3-4 inches) dividing it into two parallel beds. A section of box cladding tinware is cut from around the ridge and is used as our “water deflector”. It is screwed to the base of our pallet using 10mm plastic spacers to create the gap and completes the “leaky” trough. The pallet is then filled about halfway with conker sized stones collected from riddling your soil. The tinware deflector retains the stones and with the nylon handles at either end of the divider makes it easier to remove at the end of the season (Sept/Oct) and stored under cover.

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This is how the completed divider should look after all that fettling…

Completed pallet wood divider mk2.0

Pallet divider mk2

Current pallet wood divider design mk2.1










#1 Dismantling your pallet

Using the Roughneck bar to prise up the slats away from the vertical struts.

For the nails left behind in the struts, give them a couple of taps. It will drive them in a little bit. This make it easier when pulling them out with a claw hammer / crowbar. Breaks the rust / wood meld.

Collecting the old nails for reuse.

The pallet very nearly dismantled

Fully dismantled pallet

#2 Constructing your planting bed divider

You will need x4 slats + x1 support strut. The slats are 1.1m so will not need cutting to size.

Cutting the strut in half with a 45 degree angle to create the two divider supporting legs. 16″ long is the measurement.

Assembled wood ready for construction

One half assembled

Wood of divider put together


Types of deflector, Plastic and a tin version

Looking into the pallet divider at the water deflector

Types of water deflector. Plastic cable guard vs plastic coated metal corrugated box cladding.